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In project realization, operation and maintenance form a mutually interlocked entity, asking for harmonized processes and the corresponding know-how. The majority of potential conflicts arising from this fact, can be solved by actively taking part in the conceptual and detailed design and manufacturing phase from the very beginning. This primarily factilitates the later introduction of the fleet into service, but also the following phase of corrective efforts on minor defects and warranty works.

Minor adaptations with significant impact on operation and maintenance might be introduced without change order – given that they are identified and communicated at a very early stage. Benefit from our experience concerning the interface between procurement and manufacturing in order to make optimal use of the potentials the procured product offers to you.

From more than 25 vehicle delivery contracts, we have seen also at least the same number of approaches on how to deal with design, manufacturing, hand-over, bug fixing and warranty works. Gain insights based on our experience in the design and manufacturing of more than 17 different vehicle concepts, from trams to main-line rolling stock.

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In construction phase, there is one essential rule: Carpe Diem! Make optimal use of the remaining time – in order to manage project risks, propose optimizations in design and actively take part in the design process to realize the project the way you want it to be realized. Make use of our broad knowledge in rolling stock technology. No matter if in dimensioning and design, conformity of standards, homologation or analyses on manufacturing costs and production planning – we support you in close cooperation and constructive collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer in the definition of the product procured. Effective. Transparent. Risk-sensitive.

New vehicles, new components, new systems. Innovations in vehicle fleets often go along with technological alterations in both, operations and maintenance. For a smooth introduction of new vehicles into service, operation and maintenance need to be set up accordingly. A typical bottleneck – in terms of deadlines and in terms of resources. Leave us the project management and collaboration with the manufacturer. Use us as a buffer, in order to involve your resources specifically at the right time with the right measures. Involve our know-how on documentation to setup transparent and comprehensible processes and structures.

“teething problems” are not only an issue but have quite negative impact on your reputation as an operator. Clear responsibilities, but also a diplomatic role in the collaboration with the manufacturer while making full use of the contractual conditions, can play a key role in the correction of defects and the solution of warranty claims. Here, we support you in a mediating role. With a sense of proportions and technological know-how we identify, negotiate, supervise and protocol the entire process from the warranty claim itself to the acceptance check of flawless vehicles.