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Optimal requirements management in no time – from our perspective, those attributes adequately summarize the main task to be done preparing most tender processes. As verification and approval procedures and timeframes considering all stakeholders are already sufficiently complex to be combined, we recommend an optimal setup on the technical level. This is to guarantee a smooth tender procedure – even if restrictive deadlines need to be achieved.

This is the reason why Trechnology GmbH consults tendering entities, such as transportation boards and operators, but also authorities and ministries in the strategic and operative setup, the publication, execution and prost-processing of tenders for rolling stock procurement. Mitigate unnecessary procedural risks by involving us in time during your tender preparations. In close collaboration with external or internal experts in charge of public procurement laws, we define and we procure an optimal, state of the art vehicle together with you.

Our consultants provide their broad experience based on more than 30 European tenders, in which more than 17 different vehicle concepts have been procured already.

Tender processes
Vehicle concepts

Planning needs to be done in the long term! By doing so, bottle necks in the availability of vehicles in operation can be avoided and you always have a clear view on the possibilities the market currently offers. Act as early as possible – in order not to be obliged to react last minute. Our longtime experience shows clearly: The more strategic a procurement process is set up, the more tailored and economically convincing the result.

Make use of our know-how and market insight, to be able to evaluate current developments and to streamline parallel procurement and tendering processes in the forefront. From this interaction, considerable risks can occur, that only a well-defined strategic approach can mitigate.

Whether it concerns alternative traction concepts, new structural approaches or mixed concepts of single and double deck solutions: All these developments may offer you interesting possibilities in the realization of your public transport operations. Get a clear overview on the current market setup with our support, analyze new developments and their potential impact on your operations.

Focus in any analysis in this regard, is to present technologically viable and available concepts that aim to make optimal use of the given conditions within your network. They are basis for a downstream competition that entirely respects your necessities and requirements. Make use of our experience from numerous tendering processes, in order to pave the way for a successful procurement.

Core competence of Trechnology is the preparation, realization and post-processing of (public) tender procedures. Our focus is the technological part of the vehicle, while the setup of the tender will be defined in close cooperation with entities in charge of procurement law, considering at any time your necessities and requirements.

Let us support you, shaping your requirements with utmost precision. Keep balance of project risks and allow freedom of design, wherever possible. This is the only way not to limit the set of bidders unnecessarily and to achieve what you need to procure the most economical solution: Competition.

Besides the comprehension of technical specifications, our aim is the integration of technically relevant aspects in the contractual part, such as the definition and verification of the energy consumptions, reliability and availability and life-cycle costs (LCC resp. TCO). Assisting the operative realization of a tender, we require, manage, document and analyze the data and documentation of each bidder. With a maximum of transparency and a continuous focus on your requirements, we enable you take legally solid decisions respecting your requirements.